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Writing in a compelling way that catches the interest of your audience and keeps them wanting more, is what Fresh Air Media can provide you when it comes to the written word.

Jess and Andrew are both highly experienced writers, helping their clients craft captivating, on-brand copy that’s genuine, informative and inspiring. From brainstorming ideas to making final tweaks and edits, Jess and Andrew love finding the best way to tell your story. Scroll down for details.

Where Jess Can Help

Although she has an Honours degree in English and Sociology and has been freelancing for years, Jess has been telling stories since she was a kid. Whether it was writing down dreams or poetry, or recording spoken-word stories on her boombox (yup, she’s a 80s kid!), Jess has always loved how stories can take you away into someone else’s world, if only for a little while. These days, the stories she tells are about the guts and glory of agriculture, the awe-inspiring feats of heavy construction, the triumphs of small business, and much more. When it comes to format, Jess has seen and written it all: web copy, press releases, case studies, ghostwriting, blogging, magazine editorials, marketing material – basically, whatever you need.

Jess emphatically believes that everyone has a story that needs to be told, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to help you tell yours. Click through the links below to read some samples of Jess’ most recent work.


  • web copy
  • press releases
  • case studies
  • ghostwriting
  • blogging
  • magazine editorials
  • marketing material

Your True Intelligence

If you want to guarantee growth, prosperity and an inclusive, diverse company culture, gender intelligence must be part of your strategy.

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Be Prepared

Working in the mountains requires a whole new level of emergency preparedness. Make sure you have what it takes to start and end your workday safely.

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Antibiotic Resistance Isn’t Futile

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is not a new subject. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 480,000 people globally develop multi-drug-resistant TB each year, and drug resistance is beginning to complicate the fight against HIV and malaria.

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Building a History With Colin Nash

Owning a 100-year-old company isn’t something many have the chance to be part of. Looking forward from the summit of a new era, Colin Nash can certainly be proud of the past that helped build the business he leads today.

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Where Andrew Can Help

Andrew’s background in journalism, together with his interest in politics, food & people have helped him craft everything from breaking news pieces to popular opinion columns. Have a look at some of his latest:

CFIA’s Mixed Priorities Holding Back Canadian Agriculture

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is one of the cornerstones of food safety in Canada.

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The push to end supply management signals waning public support of farming

Over the last few months, the Conservative leadership contest has thrust a highly emotional issue for rural Canada into the spotlight— is supply management worth keeping or not?

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Getting crunched: Government squeezes on farms are adding up

I’m fortunate enough to get to meet all kinds of farmers. Usually when we meet, the conversation is a standard one. What’s the weather been like or how is the harvest going? Politics, just like sex and religion, is usually left out of it.

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What should a farmer look like?

Whenever I watch television, it doesn’t take very long before a dentist or doctor appears in a commercial, telling you which toothpaste to use or what to buy to live a healthy life.

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