January 11, 2011



Andrew Campbell can educate and energize like no one else. Choose a topic that Andrew has spoken about before, or ask about a custom presentation geared towards your organization and its needs. After working with Andrew, participants will leave with a new understanding about how the world is changing the way it communicates, and an awareness about how to stay ahead.

Stand Up for Your Industry!

The world is more connected than ever before. But with that connection, comes a barrage of information that is hard to sort through from fact & fiction. In agriculture, we’re starting to see what that information can do to public trust, as more regulations & buyer demands are implemented, some of which aren’t any safer, but merely a nod to misunderstood public pressure. Something can be done. Something needs to be done. Public outreach through social media, dinner conversations, grocery check-out line thank yous and more can all help. But you’ve got to step up and do it. Let’s get you motivated to do that!


Lessons in Advocacy – Tips To Help You Speak Up

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to find some successes & some failures when it comes to advocating on behalf of agriculture. Some are easy lessons. Some are more subtle. All of them, you can learn from. Whether it be dealing with activists, engaging with media, or building a following in the thousands, we’ll cover it all so you can help speak up on behalf the most important industry in the country.


Social Media Minefield

In January 2015, Andrew began a project aimed at opening his own farm’s doors to the public. This photo a day challenge, known as #farm365, quickly drew media attention from across Canada as consumers clearly showed they were interested in seeing what today’s dairy & grain farm looks like. It also drew animal rights activists who were critical of Andrew for producing dairy & meat products. In this session Andrew will walk you through how #farm365 got started, the good & the bad along the way, and why he thinks it is more important than everyone for people in agriculture to champion the cause.


The Fact & Fiction of Food

In this presentation, aimed at food marketers, buyers & managers, we take a look at some of the hottest topics of food production. Whether it be antibiotics & hormones, pesticides & GMOs, or any other question you have about what happens on the farm, Andrew will take a look at it all. It isn’t always pretty – but with the truth from the farm, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about what to put on your own table. Just let us know what type of questions you’d like to focus on ahead of time. (Otherwise Andrew could talk all day about it)


Young and Farming

There is a new breed of farmer coming, and they mean business. Recent surveys suggest half of today’s farmers will be selling out or passing the farm down to a younger generation in the next decade. From the eyes of a young farmer, this talk looks at how the next generation is about to do business, and what agri-businesses need to do, in order to attract and keep these savvy young customers.