Tweet Responsibly Or You Hurt Us All

Twitter really is an amazing tool. The ability to share information and have conversations with people around the world is one of my favourite parts. But, like everything, there is always a down side. It is a downside across all social media networks that people can say things that aren’t true and can easily mix Read more about Tweet Responsibly Or You Hurt Us All[…]

What Technology is Coming in 2012?

It is amazing to look at technology just 10 years ago, and where we have come today. Computers in our pocket that stream high definition video and new network tools that 800 million people have signed up for. Hard to believe, isn’t it? As the technology advances, here are my thoughts on what we in Read more about What Technology is Coming in 2012?[…]

Supply Management on ‘The Agenda’

If you are involved in Canadian agriculture, you’ve no doubt heard about the debate on ‘supply management’, a system that I’m involved with as a young dairy farmer. Recently, Ontario’s public station aired a program looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the system. I blogged about it for, where you are also able Read more about Supply Management on ‘The Agenda’[…]

5 Reasons to Give Twitter A Chance

It never surprises me when I ask a group of farmers (or in last week’s case – insurance brokers) ‘How many don’t understand Twitter or think it’s a waste?’, the majority of hands go up. Why wouldn’t they. The top trending topics in Canada at this moment include ‘Happy Birthday Eminem’ ‘#wheniwas14’ and ‘#DontBeMadAtMeBecause’. For Read more about 5 Reasons to Give Twitter A Chance[…]