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You’ll Find My Writing…

Rather than re-publishing some of the writing I do, I thought I’d point you to where you can find it all. If you’d like to read up on what we do on the farm, head to DinnerStartsHere.ca. If you’d like

Socialnomics Update

A video that I like to show in some presentations when talking about the impact social media is updated! Check out Socialnomics version 4…

The Year of Emotional Publicity

It is 2013. Happy New Year! Did you know that this is the Year of Water Cooperation? That’s what the United Nations says. The Daily Telegraph says this is the Year of Sequel’s for Hollywood, Forbes Magazine calls it the


We are in a battle. It may not seem all that bad right now as our combines roll and livestock gets sold. Sure we hear talk about hormones and GMOs and animal treatment and all of that other stuff. But

Tweet Responsibly Or You Hurt Us All

Twitter really is an amazing tool. The ability to share information and have conversations with people around the world is one of my favourite parts. But, like everything, there is always a down side. It is a downside across all

4 Lessons From Farmers

It is amazing how time can fly, isn’t it? I’ve been fortunate to talk to dozens of groups this winter and hundreds of farmers from all over Canada. It’s an exciting opportunity that I really appreciate. Many of the talks

What Technology is Coming in 2012?

It is amazing to look at technology just 10 years ago, and where we have come today. Computers in our pocket that stream high definition video and new network tools that 800 million people have signed up for. Hard to

Farmers Need Mobile Solutions Now!

Audio Comment (If you’d rather listen than read) A couple of years ago was a talk on smart phones to a group of farmers. First question – how many have a smart phone? Out of 100 – maybe three. Fair

Supply Management on ‘The Agenda’

If you are involved in Canadian agriculture, you’ve no doubt heard about the debate on ‘supply management’, a system that I’m involved with as a young dairy farmer. Recently, Ontario’s public station aired a program looking at the strengths and

5 Reasons to Give Twitter A Chance

It never surprises me when I ask a group of farmers (or in last week’s case – insurance brokers) ‘How many don’t understand Twitter or think it’s a waste?’, the majority of hands go up. Why wouldn’t they. The top